Features & Benefits

  • Made to measure
  • Made with AISI Grade 304 food grade stainless steel
  • Neutral cure silicone sealant potable water approved
  • Industry leading 20 year Corrosion Warranty & 10 year Construction Warranty
  • Option to nominate positions for Tank Inlet, Overflow and Outlet
  • Modern look
  • Capacity up to 29,000L
  • Can be placed onto a concrete pad or engineered steel platform
  • Available in hundreds of sizes
  • Indian made
  • Planet friendly- smallest environmental footprint


These are some our standard sizes... We also custom build to almost any dimension. If these sizes don’t suit your space perfectly, give us a call and we’ll make one to suit your space

1 1000 L 1100 mm 910 mm
2 2000 L 1150 mm 1740 mm
3 2000 L (Short) 1150 mm 910 mm
4 3000 L 1380 mm 1740 mm
5 3000 L (Short) 1910 mm 910 mm
6 4000 L 1600 mm 1740 mm
7 5000 L 1780 mm 1740 mm
8 6000 L 1950 mm 1740 mm

Unique Stainless steel outlet

Internally threaded stainless steel outlet ensures hassle free site commissioning

Insects proof System

All inlet, outlet, overflow are designed with insects proof systems

Screw lids

Special screw lids for manholes prevents pilferage and prevents the lid from blowing away due to strong windsg

Made to Measure Water Tanks

Made to measure water tanks, in any size you like. Our unique manufacturing process means we can make your water tank any size you like. Don’t be forced to take the standard size. Allow us to design your own tank to match your needs.